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Tatami Omote Targets for Tameshigiri

It is important to use proper targets when training.  Cutting tatami targets is recommended for tameshigiri (test cutting) providing the best training and preparation for competition.  These targets offer more resistance than those offered by other suppliers.



Nihonzashi is please to announce a collaboration with Mugen Dachi for new tatami targets.  These are new tatami omote for consistent tameshigiri without the fun "extras" you get with used tatami.  The 34" x 69" tatami omote make excellent targets for serious practitioners of the martial arts.  You can find information on preparing targets at the Toyama Ryu Tameshigiri page.

How to Order

Bulk tatami orders shipping costs are not covered by our normal shipping policy.  To keep the price to a minimum - you pay the actual shipping costs.

  1. Go to our new website listed below to order
  2. If you have trouble or questions, please call us at 727-329-9679

Store Pick-up

You can save shipping by picking tatami up at our store in St Petersburg Florida You can get directions to the store at the  Nihonzashi directions page.  Make sure to check our store hours.



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