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Uniform Alterations

If the specific alteration service is not listed here, just email us at to get a quote.  Just let us know what you want done.

Hakama Himo (Strap) Lengthening  Get Item Price

The front hakama himo should be able to go around your body two times to tie in the back.  These hakama straps are often too short and can not be tied properly.  We can lengthen the straps so you can wear your hakama properly.

Hakama Shortening  Get Item Price

Your hakama should just touch the top of your feet when standing upright.  It is common to get a longer hakama that has longer straps and more width to accommodate a person, but it will need to be shortened.

Keiko Gi Sleeve Shortening  Get Item Price

Long Keikogi sleeves can catch your tsuka (handle) and interfere with your vision.  We can shorten them to make your practice uniform top easier to use.

Kamon - Crest (iron-on)  Get Item Price

We can create custom iron-on kamon for your formal uniform.  Kamon are Japanese family crests.  We have a large selection of digitized kamon and a few are shown in our kamon standard library.  Just e-mail us at if you would like a different or totally custom kamon.

Return Shipping

Please include return shipping for any uniforms that you send us to be altered.  Return shipping can be found at the bottom of our price list.

Shipping / Drop off / Pick up  Addressess (store hours)

Please call us with any questions.

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