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Customer Comments

We would like to thank all of our customers who have given us such great feedback.  We focus our efforts to make Nihonzashi Sword Store and Dojo a positive experience for you and are happy when we succeed.

Dear Nihonzashi,

I am sending you this note to let you know that I am very satisfied with the Musashi XL I purchased from your website. The sword was very reasonably and straightforwardly priced, shipped on time, and clear of any defects. Over this past weekend I had the first opportunity to test it out at a tameshigiri session and it performed wonderfully—the phrase "feels like cheating" came to mind. I am also pleased to know that I can count on you guys if any maintenance work is needed in the future. All in all I'm quite satisfied with my purchase, keep up the good work. Sincerely, AD

Hi Sherry,

I am sending you this reply note, just to inform you that I have just received the product tonight, Tue. Nov. 14, 2006! The product arrived on time, and in EXCELLENT shape. Thank you for the incredible packing job, I am impressed with the care you take in ensuring the safe delivery of the product. The Bamboo katana is GORGEOUS! and functional. A great addition to my shinken collection. I will LOVE the tameshigiri practice! Thank you again Sherry for the excellent service, and your polite demeanor in your emails. I will be in touch again.


Thank you Mike

I appreciate everything. I may have a friend how would like your services too. I will be referring you to him and forwarding your e-mail address to him. Thank you for your professionalism.

Best regards,


I had a chance to cut with the Tori XL this weekend and it did very, very well. Your test results hit the mark, which prompted me to pick one up to begin with. Futomaki was easy--felt like cheating! This sword really rivals a few customs I've had. Honestly, it's mounted better than a new Rick Barrett I have too.

Thanks again!

Dear Sherry,

I have just received your Practical XL katana. I have many katanas, however, I have hardly seen such a nice-shaped and well-balanced blade. It has a spirit, it has a soul. Even the quality of the saya is remarkable. All is beauty and soberness.

This is incredibly cost-effective.

Dear Sherry, today, you made a man happy.

Yours Gratefully,

Hi Sherry, thank you for the courteous email with update, I appreciate that--hard to find! I can wait, no problem, and thank you for the free shipping. I chose your site, as I have read many areas of the site, and appreciate the level of expertise and experience your people have regarding these products, Bushido, etc.. I wanted such a place to order from, not just a "sword store" where they know nothing and care nothing. So, Thank you. If I am please with the product and service, as I already am with the knowledge and experience, then I will be recommending to dojos I know, and fellow Budoka, and will be ordering more in the future.

Thank you.


The repair that you did on my saya was great. I did not get much of a feel in the shop, but the next day while doing Shohatto I could feel the difference. In fact if I did not know that the saya was split I would not even notice it. Thank you very much for the exceptional job that you did on my saya repair.


Great job on my sword. It cuts like a razor. It came, I had some mats soaking, I pulled them out of the tub and "snick." It was a beautiful thing. Thanks for doing an awesome and speedy job!!!