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Gekken Equipment

Hataya Sensei describes gekken as the study of truth and falsehood in swordsmanship.  It is the art of hitting your opponent when and where he does not expect you to and determining where and when your opponent will strike you.  If you can predict your opponent's attack, you can block and counter.

The rules are pretty simple.  If you hit your opponent anywhere without being hit at the same time, you win.  One good strike, and the match is over.  If you both hit each other at the same time, you continue.  The idea is not to beat on each other, which leaves both people pretty bruised, and would essentially leave you both dead in a real fight.  The gekken swords are stiff and can be used to effectively block.  On the other hand, big strikes hurt even if they leave no lasting damage.

Gekken is Japanese sword sparring with padded swords. This is not a sport or for kids.  The padded swords are stiff so they can be used to block properly.  This can make Gekken pretty rough.  Heavy armor and blunt steel swords are even used for the finals in Gekken tournaments in Japan.

Nihonzashi has been working on a curved version of the Gekken sword offering enhanced impact absorption and performance better emulating the katana.  We are happy to announce that the Japanese have approved of our fifth generation prototype.  The production version is now be available for sale here in the states.  We are sharing the design with the Seizankai dojo, and a Japanese version will soon be available there.

Gekken Padded Swords (Traditional imported from Japan) Get Item Price

These padded swords are used for sparring.  We get them from Hataya Sensei's shop in Machida.  These are not like the foam swords available here in the states.  They are harder, stiffer, and can be used to block attacks.  This also means they hurt more when you get hit.  These are not recommended for children and should only be used for supervised training.  They are used for practice and tournaments in Japan.  They come in both Kanata and Wakizashi lengths.

Gekken Padded Swords

Gekken Padded Swords (New curved Nihonzashi Model) Get Item Price

Nihonzashi is proud to introduce a new curved Gekken sword that is poised to change gekken in Japan and here in the states.  These curved swords offer blocking that better emulates a real katana.  The handle is also oval shaped giving a more realistic feel.  The heavy fabric cover is colored red and black to allow easier judgment of strikes with the ha (edge) of the blade.  The kissaki area has been designed to have more cushion for thrusts.  The main blade is cushioned with four layers of different foam to maximize impact absorption and durability.  This fifth generation sword is the result of torture testing of our four previous generations of prototype Gekken swords in the dojo.  We rate this sword for less pain and more gain!

New Nihonzashi Gekken Sword

Gekken Head Gear Get Item Price

You must use head gear with the Gekken Padded swords.  This head gear provides protection from blows the the head and face while allowing maximum visibility.

Gekken Head GearGekken Head Gear

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