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Shinken 真剣 means "real sword" in Japanese.  These are the same swords we use in our dojo for tameshigiri 試し斬り (test cutting) for tatami and bamboo tagets.  Shinken are functional katana made for real use.  These katana are all hand made at the Paul Chen Hanwei forge in China or by Cold Steel.  If you need a katana that will stand up to the rigors of real training in the dojo, these are the swords that you should be looking at.  They are DOJO TESTED TOUGH!  We offer repair services to keep your sword in top shape and a special 1/2 price repair service for shinken you buy from us.

Paul Chen katana have really improved, and are poised to redefine the affordable sword in the martial arts world.  After testing several of the new models of CAS Hanwei swords at a taikai (sword tournament) - We were so impressed that we decided to form Nihonzashi LLC.  These are by far the best cutting swords available in a reasonable price range.  We am happy to have found a reasonably priced high quality sword designed for tameshigiri (test cutting)

Cold Steel is know for their over-the-top toughness testing.  Their katana are great for iaito or kenjustu.  They also offer Nodachi and O Katana for those who love BIG swords.