Nihonzashi Free Shipping on orders over $150
(continental USA only, excludes Alaska and Hawaii / Does not include Bulk Tatami)
Lifetime 1/2 price Sharpening/Repair
Full Sword Customization Service

Nihonzashi Sword Store & Dojo
 5980 66th St N Suite M
St Petersburg FL 33709
Phone: 727-329-9679 
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Nihonzashi 二本差し Sword Store & Dojo

Fox Shrine

Japanese swords and equipment for serious training!  Our focus is supporting students of the sword and providing high quality functional swords and a full line of accessories.  If you study iaido, battodo, kenjutsu, or any other form of Japanese swordsmanship - this is the place you have been looking for.  You can choose from over 80 different katana that we have in-stock at our store. We carry shinken (cutting swords) and iaito (practice swords).

Not a martial artist and just looking for a real samurai sword?  We can help you too.  We offer CAS Hanwei and Cold Steel swords for the discriminating collector.  These hand forged swords are made with traditional techniques.  Don't know anything about Japanese Swords?  Check out our FAQ section to get started.

We have new and Japanese tatami omote targets in stock and ready to ship.  These targets are recommended for serious tameshigiri (test cutting) and available in bulk.


Come visit us in our new store with more space and a much larger dojo area.  We have over 80 different sword models in stock and ready for you to try.  Come to shop for a new sword or join us in our traditional Japanese sword training. Konjaku Kio Dojo
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BTW Doug and Mike are using the Tori XL, James and Stephen are using the Practical XL, Adrian is using the Oni, and Sherry is using the Musashi XL. 

We offer a full line of training equipment and services. We are a one stop shop for your training and collecting needs. We offer training, sharpening, and repair in addition to a full line of iaito and shinken. Check out our DIY guides useful data on maintaining or upgrading your swords.  Buy from a company that can do more than just ship you a sword.  If you live in the Tampa / St Pete area, come visit us at our store at 5980 66th St N Suite M in St Petersburg Florida.  We offer Toyama Ryu Swordsmanship classes.

  • Discounted Prices (normally 15% to 40% off of retail)
  • FREE Shipping on Shinken or Iaito Katana purchase (continental USA only, excludes Alaska and Hawaii)
  • FREE Shipping on any purchase over $150 (continental USA only, excludes Alaska and Hawaii)
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee (See Details)
  • Lifetime 1/2 Price Sharpening and Repair on any Shinken or Iaito Katana

Nihonzashi Sword Shop and Dojo offers a unique place where you can come check out our huge selection of swords first hand.  Every sword is different and we believe you need to personally find the right equipment for you.  Let us know if you we can support you or your dojo.