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Yari, Naginata, Kama, and More.  These are all functional weapons and not stainless steel wall hangers.  Polearms are normally only available in the dojo store due to the cost and difficulty of shipping them.   Looking for Ninja Weapons? (Click Here)

Looking for a different CAS/Hanwei weapon?  We can special order anything from and we will give you a 15% discount off the retail price.  Just email us at and we will let you know how quick you can get it.

Yasukuni Captain's GuntoGet Item Details Get Item Price

This sword replicates the Gunto of a high-ranking Japanese army officer of the Pre-WWII and WWII era. These swords were made from 1933 onwards by a group of highly-skilled swordsmiths at the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo and are known collectively as the Yasukuni swords. Only 8000 of these swords were made and many were destroyed, so in recent years they have become highly collectable. Hanwei is producing these very accurate replicas for collectors unable to afford or obtain originals.

Yasukuni Captian's Gunto

Tetsubo / Kanabo War ClubGet Item Details Get Item Price

The Tetsubo or Kanabo is a Japanese war club used by the strongest samurai.  It is often associated with the mythical oni.  Our hand made octagon Tetsubo is made of laminated oak slabs embedded with steel rivets.  This massive weapon weighs over 10 lbs.  These tetsubo are custom made to your specifications.  This is the Kanabo shown on Spike TV Deadliest Warriors.  After seeing the slow motion video, we have worked to improve the mounting of the steel rivets.  After testing several methods (and losing allot of rivets), our latest test showed rivet retention going from 0% to 100%.  This change has made this a truly functional weapon of awesome proportions

Tetsubo War Club

CAS Hanwei NaginataGet Item Details Get Item Price

The Naginata, famed weapon of the Sohei, or warrior monks, of medieval Japan was fearsome in the hands of a skilled combatant and is today of great importance in the martial arts field. This naginata, while retaining its traditional qualities, has been revised to better meet the needs of the martial arts practitioner qualified to use an edged weapon.

Hand forged in 1065 high-carbon steel and edge tempered, using a traditional claying method, the naginata blade is at least the equal of the originals. Mounted on a long tang to better absorb the shock of a blow, the blade has a strong distal taper for balance and quickness. The delicately engraved tsuba features a silver butterfly motif. The one-piece staff (ebu) is very strong, featuring a traditional tear-drop cross-section for easy recognition of blade orientation and a black non-slip finish for better control of the weapon. The naginata is supplied with a wooden saya and cloth bag.


CAS Hanwei YariGet Item Details Get Item Price

The Yari was an essential battlefield weapon of the Samurai and took great skill to use and maneuver due to its length and size. The Yari design is based on originals dating to feudal Japan. The blade is forged in T-10 high-carbon steel and triangulated and double-edged with a deep fuller on the flat side of the blade. Differential tempering results in a clear hamon on each edge. The tang is long to absorb the shock of a blow and the one-piece staff construction reinforces the durability of the spear.

This yari is modeled after the su-yari or "straight-spear" design. The shaft (ebu) is finished in a deep black lacquer and have a flattened side at the bottom section for blade orientation. The fittings (koshirae) follow distinctive traditional designs. This Yari features a long (16-3/4") blade and a black lacquered sheath (saya).

The rattan wrap version has a more compact 11" long blade, making for a faster weapon. It also features a rattan wrapped section at the upper grip, making this a visually stunning piece.


CAS Hanwei Shuriken DartsGet Item Details Get Item Price

The Shuriken (darts) of the Ninja included various projectiles such as dirks, darts and star-shaped discs, all forming part of the art of shurikenjutsu, which was an important part of the Ninja's armoury. This Shuriken Set contains six darts in a forearm band. The darts are black plated in the Ninja tradition.

CAS Hanwei Shinobi Ninja SwordGet Item Details Get Item Price

The Practical Shinobi Ninja-to, whose construction patterns closely that of the Practical Katana, is a wonderful addition for those studying the Way of the Ninja. The blade is hand-forged from a high-carbon steel billet and is differentially hardened using a traditional claying method. All the fittings (koshirae) are finished in antiqued black iron. The ornate tsuba displays the kuji-kiri (energy-channeling hand positions) employed by the mystical ninja. The tsuka is wrapped in a synthetic ray skin (same), available in black or white, and the tsuka-ito is in durable synthetic black leather. The saya has flat black finish with demon-head bindings for the black Japanese cotton sageo and an intricate kojiri. A sword no practitioner of Ninjutsu should be without.


CAS Hanwei Kouga and Iga Ninja SwordsGet Item Details Get Item Price

The neighboring Kouga and Iga clans of feudal Japan were bitter enemies for centuries and their warring Ninja families have been immortalized in Japanese literature. To commemorate these secretive warriors the Hanwei forge has introduced the Kouga and Iga Ninja-To.

Kouga and Iga Ninjato

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