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Nihonzashi Sword Store & Dojo
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St Petersburg FL 33709
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Nihonzashi Services

We offer sword sharpening, repair, and customization services to make your sword unique to you and keep it in working order.  We also offer uniform alterations.

Tsuka (handle) rewrapping, saya refinishing, tsuba fitting, and even blade shortening.  Personalize your sword with our customization services.

Professional sword sharpening for shinken.  Eleven years experience sharpening katana.  All work done by hand with Japanese water stones.

Sword Repair
Repair of tsuka (handles), and saya (scabbards).  Don't let that damaged equipment become a danger to you or your training partners.  Everything from mekugi replacement to repairing split saya.

Hakama hemming, strap lengthening, keikogi fitting and general alterations to uniforms.  If that standard uniform does not quite work, we can fix it.