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Previous Item Next Item Aluminum Alloy Iaito 居合刀 

Unsharpened Japanese swords for training.  Aluminum alloy blades are the mainstay of Japanese Iaido.  Steel swords are restricted in Japan and very expensive.  The aluminum alloy blades are also lighter allowing you to train longer without fatigue.  You can bring these Iaito to Japan if you train there.

Nyumon Jidai Koshirae  (Price/Availability) (Details)

Good no frills starter Iaito.  Nice balance and solid construction.  The Nyumon Jidai Koshirae iaito has a reinforced zinc/aluminum alloy blade.  The tsuka has shark skin inlays and black cotton tsuka-ito.  The saya has a Kuroishime black matte finish.

Senshi Iaito  (Price/Availability) (Details)

We get the Senshi Iaito directly from Hataya Sensei's shop in Machida Japan.  These aluminum alloy iaito have simple higo style fittings that are easy on the hands.  The tsuka has ray skin panels and is a bit longer than the Nyumon with a higher grade black cotton ito wrap.  The saya has a high gloss black lacquer finish.

Senshi Iaito 

Katsumushi Koshirae Yamashiro  (Price/Availability) (Details)

The Katsumushi Koshirae Yamashiro has a sand-cast zinc/aluminum alloy blade.  The brass dragonfly theme Fuchi/Kashira matches the iron dragonfly theme tsuba.  The them continues with the brass dragonfly theme Menuki.  The tsuka has black cotton tsuka ito and genuine same (rayskin) inlay.  The saya has a brown matte chaishime finish.