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Ninja Swords - Ninjato (忍刀) / Shinobi (忍び)

We are not Ninja, we do not train to be Ninja, and there is no secret Ninja training available in our dojo. If we were Ninja - we would probably tell you the same thing - but we're not. If you come asking about Ninja training, we will smile politely or laugh. Depends on our mood that day. We do offer a very functional Ninja Sword. You will probably not see it displayed in open, but we do secretly keep them in stock. While there is much debate about the historical existence of a Ninja Sword, there is not doubt that the Hanwei Forge Practical Shinobi 忍び Ninja-to 忍刀 is a real sword. Its blade is hand-forged high-carbon steel differentially tempered using a traditional claying method. Fittings are black iron with an ornate tsuba displaying the kuji-kiri (energy-channeling hand positions). The flat black finish saya has demon-head bindings for the sageo and an intricate kojiri. If we were Ninja - and we're not - this is the sword we would use.