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Premade Designs Hints for Design

This program is intended for Nihonzashi customers to design their own custom seppa fittings. The main parameters that can be modified are shown on the bottom of design screen. The measurements are in inches. Follow these steps to create your own design.

The left half of the main window shows a drawing of the saya / blade side seppa. The right half of the main window shows a drawing of the fuchi / handle side seppa. The current parameters for the seppa are shown at the top of the windows. You can use the View menu on the top of the window to zoom the drawings in and out.

1) Start with one of our standard sizes using the Designs menu at the top of the window.

2) You can modify the size using the size parameters at the bottom of the window (hitting return or the Update Selections button will update the screen). Note that the program will automatically check the parameters you enter against our design restrictions. Any warnings will appear in red text on the bottom of the main windows. We recommend that you size the seppa from 0.05 to 0.2 inches larger than the fuchi / saya. The gauge selection allows you to vary the thickness to match your tsuba to your sword.

3) You can change the finish / material by selecting the pull-down selection menu at the bottom of the window. Blackened brass or copper are oxide finishes that can be polished down to reveal the bare metal.

4) The style pull-down selection menu at the bottom of the window allows you to add detail to the edge of the seppa. Groves are radial engraved lines. There are two scallop patterns. The first uses a conical bit and the second uses a flat bit (note the top and side views show the bit shape).

5) Hit the Buy Now button to start the process of ordering your seppa. A web browser window will open with the data for your fittings you designed and an "Add to Cart" button for the seppa. If the data is correct, hit the "Add to Cart" button to place it in the PayPal checkout cart. All the data for your seppa is contained in your order.

Before checkout please press update to ensure your values are accurate

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