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If you have any questions just email us at  We will be happy to discuss different katana and help you make the best choice. 

Comparison Chart

We have a full set of measurements on our Iaito Size/Weight page.

Iaito Model Blade Lengths Handle
Blade Type Weight
(no saya)
Tsuka Ito Saya
Practical Forged 27" to 29" 10.6" Forged Stainless  1.9 lb Synthetic Suede Gloss black
Nyumon Jidai Koshirae 2.2 to 2.40 shaku  9.7"" Aluminum Alloy  1.6 lb Black Cotton Textured black
Practical Plus Forged 27" to 29" 10.6" Forged Stainless   2.0 lb  Black Cotton Textured black
Tsuru (Crane) 26" to 29" 10.8" Tempered Stainless  2.0 lb Black Silk Gloss black with same
Musashi Forged 27" to 29" 10.7" Forged Stainless   1.9 lb Black Leather Matte black
Shinto Forged 27" to 29"  10.7" Forged Stainless

 1.9 lb

Black Cotton Gloss black
Senshi 2.3 to 2.5 shaku 10.5" Aluminum Alloy  1.9 lb Black Cotton Gloss black
Tori Forged 27" to 29"  10.7" Forged Stainless  2.0 lb  Brown Leather Textured brown with ridges
Katsumushi Koshirae Yamashiro 2.2 to 2.45 shaku  10.3" Aluminum Alloy  1.8 lb Black Cotton Matte Brown
Mejin Folded Steel 28" 10.5" Folded Diff Hardened  2.3 lb Black Cotton Striped gloss/matte black

Classic Steel Iaito

The Classic Iaito Series was a breakthrough in design & functionality. Made of a special stainless, they are more durable than iaito made of aluminum alloy. Steel feels more like a live blade and is not prone to wobble when swung. Through a special tempering process the CAS/Hanwei Iaito do not have the brittle behavior often associated with stainless steel, but retain its low maintenance rust resistant qualities. These very affordable iaito are the ideal training tools for safely practicing.

Performance Steel Iaito

These un-edged training blades provide for safe drawing for the beginning practitioner of the 450 year old art of Iaido. Forged from stainless steel the tempered blades are not only maintenance-free, but more importantly provide the correct weight and balance needed for the rigors of repetitive drawing and sword motion practice. Each blade has a deeply cut groove (bo-hi) to provide audible feedback when swung properly.

Aluminum Alloy Iaito

Aluminum alloy blades are the mainstay of Japanese Iaido. Steel swords are restricted in Japan and very expensive. The aluminum alloy blades are also lighter allowing you to train longer without fatigue. You can also bring these Iaito to Japan if you train there.