Tanto blade straightening $1995   
Tanto mekugi replacement (each) - during service only $995   
Tanto tsuka ito (handle wrap) fixative $1995   
Tanto Tsuba Fitting     $2995   
Tanto repair split saya (no refinishing) $1995   
Tanto repair split saya - re-enforced (no refinishing) $3995   
Tanto refit koiguchi (mouth of saya) to fit habaki    $1995   
Tanto saya refinished with lacquer  Color:       $9995   
Tanto saya replace Kurigata (no refinishing) $4995   
Tanto saya add Kurigata (no refinishing) $6995   
Tanto saya buffalo horn koiguchi replacement $3995   
Tanto saya buffalo horn kojiri replacement $3995   
Return Shipping (includes $400 insurance)   $2495   
Return Shipping (Second Sword)  $795   
Shipping Insurance ($1.50 per $100)  Units:  $150   
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